• Summary of the field
  • Organizations: There is no organization; synthetic biology is rather a branch of biochemical, genomic and bioengineering research. However, there are several organizations claiming to work in the field that have actually very different backgrounds:

Craig Venter's companies [Synthetic Genomics] and Synthetic Genomics vaccines are focussed on biotechnology for biofuels and vaccines, repectively. Unsurprisingly, Craig Venters institutes have been some of the pioneers in this field.

The company Ambryx (named after the amber codon they are using for alternative amino acid incorporation) from La Jolla, CA, explores alternative codon usage for optimized protein expression in E.coli.

Other synthetic genomics and synthetic biology research groups emerge from systems biology institutes or other institutes with a prominent bioinformatic component, such as:

Imperial College London Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology

Wyss Institute Harvard

and many others.

  • Aims:
  • Activities:
Level of interference with the genome example studies first published
nucleotide alternative bases, Nucleic acid analogues
codon codon optimization, alternative codon usage, novel tRNAs
gene good old cloning!
gene modules/operons "synthetic biology", artificial gene circuits
chromosome YACs, BACs, synthetic human chromosomes
genome phage phiX174, mycoplasma

  • Development: changes in aims, scaling up, inclusion of new teams, etc.
  • Results: any published results to date.
  • Access to the data: which data has bee made available to date?
  • Impact: Expected incidence in scientific and/or social progress.
  • Competing Projects
  • Associated Projects
  • Useful Links and references:

Synthetic biology (Wikipedia)

Registry of Standard Biological Parts

The BioBricks Foundation

Standards in Synthetic Biology

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